How to Take the Perfect Wedding Selfie
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Wedding Photography
Photographs are said to be worth 1000 words and selfies are worth so much more, because the photographer gets to be in them too! If you’re thinking about the best way to snap a selfie with the bride, groom or even the vicar…here are our top tips and some of our favourite wedding selfies found on social media.

1. #Hashtag

If the bride and groom love social media they will create an original hashtag so guests can share their photos on Instagram. The bride and groom usually have the hashtag on a sign close to the bar with a note asking you to share the photos you take.

Top Tip: Ensure you use this hashtag with your wedding selfie so everyone can admire it!

2. Find the Best Angle

Tilting your camera at a 45 degree angel just above your eye line is renowned to be the best angle for taking the perfect selfie. The 45 degree angle ensures that there are no shadows covering your face and best of all, no double chin!

Top Tip: Take 2 or 3 selfies in different positions to find the perfect angle

3. Lighting is Everything!

Wander around the venue and find the best place to take your selfie with a flattering source of natural light. If you’re taking your selfie during the evening then use the lighting on the dancefloor for a fun and colourful selfie.

Top Tip: Try not to over flood your selfie with lighting so that you become unrecognisable

4. And Pose!

When it comes to selfies, a natural pose is a must. A simple smile or pulling a silly face with the bride a groom will work wonders!

Top Tip: If you’re taking a sneaky selfie, make sure the bride and groom are caught doing something silly first

5. Use a selfie stick

Selfie sticks are a must when it comes to fitting lots of guests into one photograph. The stick will ensure that you frame the shot so it’s not too close and cutting one poor guest out of the photograph.

Top Tip: Tilt the camera down correctly so the stick isn’t the centre piece of the photo!

6. Retouch

Retouching your selfie is a must… unless you’re lucky enough to have the perfect #nofilter picture that is! Using Instagram to change the filter, contrast, blur the outlines and apply a colour wash on your photo will make your selfie look perfect.

Top Tip: There are a range of different apps available to resize your selfie, turn it into a collage or add cool effects!

7. Upload

Use the correct hashtag for the wedding and upload it to social media. You never know… your selfie may end up in the bride and grooms wedding album or even winning the World Selfie Awards 2015 (which is a real ting by the way!)