8 Wedding Cakes to have your guests in tiers…
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When it comes to your wedding, cake shopping goes to new extremes! Slightly different from window shopping at your local bakery…your wedding cake is probably going to be the most expensive cake you will ever buy and of course, eat. Let’s be honest, the taste is no longer the most important thing when it comes to wedding cakes, but it’s the design that counts. Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you’re looking for something with the wow factor or something sentimental… you’ve come to the right place!

1. Stunningly Sentimental
Print your favourite quote, song lyrics or extract from your written vows on your wedding cake in your favourite font. This unique and truly sentimental idea is sure to bring a tear to your guests’ eyes and is an excellent conversation starter.

2. Shape it up
Wedding after wedding we see the same tiered design with heaps of frosting. Give your guests something to talk about with a uniquely shaped design that will have them pleasantly surprized. A few great ideas we’ve come across are huge hearts and even boat shaped designs… think outside the box and be original!

3. Contemporary Twist
If traditional styled cakes are a big no-no for you, then why not try something a little bit different. More and more couples are ditching traditional cakes for more quirky, original and fun designs. Our favourites are tiny burger shaped cupcakes, little cakes in tea cups and a ‘pimp your cupcake’ stand where guests can add their own toppings…genius!

4. Mix it up
Wedding cakes are almost always layered with an elegant design and lots of flowers. If you’d rather not stick to a traditional design then try mixing it up by designing a cake that is half modern and half traditional. These extravagant designs make a great centrepiece which guests will be talking about all year round.

5. Top it off
Wedding cake toppers can turn any cake into a masterpiece! Use an unconventional cake topper that will make your guest cry with laughter. Our favourites are the bride and groom high-fiving each other and the bride cheekily pinching the grooms bum. Another original idea is to have a professional caricature design the cake topper so they look almost identical to the happy couple.

6. Light it up
Add lights to the tiers of your wedding cake to create a romantic ambience that you and your guests will never forget. So turn off the lights and switch on the cake!

7. Something for Everyone
Not a fan of cake? Why not choose something that you love instead. Wedding cakes can be made of almost anything including macaroons, flakes or even cheese.

8. Interactive Cake Design
If you’ve been to Disneyland you will be familiar with projection mapping. This quirky idea will have guests staring in awe as an impressive lighting and projection technique turns the cake into a colourful, moving imagery. Choose something magical, sentimental or funny and forget about traditional design and frosting!