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Wedding Blog

Keep up to date with all of the latest trends and get plenty of wedding
inspiration from our wedding blog.


A few years ago, I went to a wedding with my husband (then-boyfriend). It was beautiful and fun, but we didn’t know anyone other than the bride. I spent more time watching than participating—I was happy to be a spectator, quietly creating stories for myself about the people around me. I was especially entertained by a man on the dance floor. He’d abandoned his sports coat long ago, and his tie hung loosely around his neck.


Let me paint the picture for you: It was 1997 and there was no such thing as a wedding website. A wedding book and your older sister or mom would have been your planning guides. And while a bridal magazine might have inspired your wedding colors and flowers, the more likely scenario was that your florist or hotel manager walked you through your menu of options and you simply chose your favorite. As a result, weddings looked a lot alike: Most involved over-exaggerated pointy stilettos, flower girl dresses with dainty pick-ups, tiaras and spaghetti-strap bridal gowns. Let's just say, classic reigned.

Choosing the perfect wedding dress

Even if you won’t admit it, the dress IS the most important part of your big day. You want to look amazing, feel incredible and wow your future husband as you walk down the aisle. But with so many dress styles, colours and fits to choose from, sometimes the thought of choosing the perfect wedding dress can be somewhat overwhelming. To give you a helping hand choosing the perfect wedding dress, we have spoken with a number of brides who know exactly how you’re feeling and put together a list of tips for finding the dress of your dreams.


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