Blooming wonderful tips for choosing your wedding flowers

Blooming wonderful tips for choosing your wedding flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers is probably one of the last things on your wedding to do list - but they can take a surprisingly big slice out of your budget and play an important part in setting the tone for the day.  However, if you don’t know your hydrangeas from your gardenias, don’t worry. With a little professional help choosing wedding flowers can become a very enjoyable part of your bridal preparations.


Pick the right florist

Know what you want in the way of flowers?  Choose a florist who will just deliver your vision.  But if you are unsure then go for a wedding florist who will give you lots of ideas and guidance.  If it’s the latter be sure to see their portfolio and check you like their taste and style.  Also talk to friends and relatives who have recently tied the knot to get their tips and recommendations for wedding florists.  


Agree a budget for wedding flowers

It’s probably the first question your wedding florist will ask – coming up with lavish ideas that then need pruning back is disappointing for everyone.  Allocating just under 10% of your total budget for the flowers is a good starting point.


Sort your floral priorities

It’s a good idea to create a “must have” list and “nice to have” list.  Wedding bouquets, buttonholes, and centrepieces may go on your “must have” list but a floral crown for the bride, tossing petals for guests, lounge area arrangements and decorations for the powder room might go on the “nice to have” list.  This will help you and your florist explore options for your big day.


Choose flowers that suit your wedding theme

It’s easy to make mistakes her so take advice!  For instance, King Protea and Philodendron leaves add an organic, earthy, and unique touch to the wedding – perfect for a boho occasion.  Gerbera bouquets don’t go with a vintage or “shabby chic” look but are ideal for modern, contemporary weddings.


Study the symbolism

Certain wedding flowers have special meanings.  Roses not only look and smell heavenly but are also associated with love and passion – perfect for weddings. Chrysanthemums symbolise joy, Lily of the Valley sweetness and purity of heart.  Marigolds are best avoided, symbolising cruelty, grief and jealousy. 


Go with mother nature

Choose wedding flowers that are in season – they’re the best value and will last longer for your big day.   Roses and tulips flower all year round so they are a safe bet (but even tulips are best in the spring).  Also bear in mind that the flower seasons for cut flowers are a couple of months ahead of those in your garden.


Silk makes a lot of sense

Artificial wedding flowers are now so botanically correct that they are almost indistinguishable from the fresh ones.  Buying them well before your big day means one less thing to worry about at the last minute.  They’re also easy to transport.  Cost-wise silk flowers are similar to fresh blooms but you can keep them as a magical memento.  If you want to free up budget to spend on other things renting is also an option, or you can sell them on later.


Tips for bridal bouquets

A bridal bouquet is essential and it must complement you dress…without overpowering it.  A single stem of lily suits a simple column dress.  A full and more intricate dress suits a bigger bouquet with mixed flowers. Think photography too - all-white or ivory bouquets won’t stand out boldly against a white or ivory wedding gown unless you introduce other colours


Best wishes for your perfect day

Choosing the flowers for your wedding, like so much else involved in planning your big day, is not as straightforward as you might imagine – but hopefully after reading this article you’ll feel less horticulturally challenged!

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