Unexpected wedding cost you need to include in your budget

Unexpected wedding cost you need to include in your budget


No matter how meticulously you plan and budget for your perfect day there will be unexpected wedding costs that catch you out.  Having said that, some hidden wedding costs can easily be anticipated! Here we have listed the most common unexpected weddings costs that would be useful to plan for in your budget...


Makeup and hair trials

The cost will usually be included in your package.  However, you probably want to compare ideas and approaches from more than one person before making your final decisions - you’ll be charged a fee by those you don’t ultimately hire and those extra costs can mount up.   


Postage surprise

Agreeing the guest list, designing the invites, sorting the printing, writing each one by hand then addressing them individually… you’re so busy the cost of postage is easily forgotten. 


Beauty treatments for one and all?

You want to look and feel your very best so last minute facials, eyebrows and manicures are probably obligatory.  But what about the rest of your bridal party too?  The list of pampering and beauty treatments is long (spray tan, waxing, massage…) and the temptation to indulge everyone is strong…but it’s scary how fast those miscellaneous costs can mount up.


Ceremony fees

Don't forget the legalities!  Whether you're having a religious, civil or humanist ceremony there will be fees for licences and celebrants.  These won’t be included with your venue fees, even if you're holding the ceremony in the same place as your wedding reception.


Underwear matters!

This must work with your dress to achieve the ideal shape, support and seamless finish.  It also has to be comfortable – you don’t want things pinching or digging into you all day!  And sexy – there’s your wedding night to think about.  Will you be changing into a less formal dress for the evening, and swapping your underwear too?  Whatever you decide there’s going to be a cost involved – and it won’t be as skimpy as the garments themselves!


Complete the look

Your dress is obviously your major fashion statement on the day but carefully chosen accessories can make a huge difference.  Jewellery, shoes, veils, headpieces, wraps, bags…they all add to the wow factor in one way or another.  Not forgetting cufflinks, ties/bow ties, pocket squares, shoes and socks for the groom and his groomsmen. 


Don’t starve your suppliers

You’ve agreed the guest numbers with your venue and catered accordingly.  But don’t forget your wedding suppliers.  Photographers, videographers and entertainers will probably be putting in a long day and you don’t want them getting hungry, thirsty and out of sorts.  Make sure you ask them what they’d like in the way of refreshments and expect to pick up the tab for their food and drink.   



You might want to keep the drinks costs down by providing your own.  But don’t be surprised if the venue charges you a fee for each bottle.  This is a standard arrangement known as “corkage”.  You need to discuss this when making your booking.  In the UK the fee will be about £12.00-£35.00 per bottle and in the US $10-$40 per bottle (the lower figure being for wine, the higher for champagne and somewhere in the middle for Cava or Prosecco).  This will bump up your costs considerably – so don’t let it come as a surprise!


Bridal party gifts

It’s a nice gesture to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen a “thank you” for all their hard work – jewellery, hip flasks, cufflinks, tote bags, compact, anything to show your appreciation.  Once again it’s a cost that’s easy to overlook at the beginning.


Thank you cards

They’re a lovely way to thank your guests for joining you on your special day.  They don’t have to be expensive, but there’s the additional postage to factor in as well. 


Now you can expect the unexpected!

These are some of the most common unexpected wedding costs that couples forget to budget for – add these into your calculations and hopefully they’ll help you keep the finances under control!

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