Wedding Entertainment Inspiration – 10 ways to make sure there’s never a dull moment

Wedding Entertainment Inspiration – 10 ways to make sure there’s never a dull moment

Everything revolves around you on your big day, but for your guests there can be moments where there’s little to keep them amused and engaged.  If you want your wedding celebrations to go with a swing right from the start, and keep going full tempo late into the night, you need to plan some entertainment.  In this post we provide you with some imaginative wedding entertainment ideas to make sure the fun never flags.

Wedding wizardry

 A close-up wedding magician is a sure-fire ice-breaker.  Their tricks will get even the most reserved guests involved, sparking amazement, laughter and conversation (and the expressions of surprise and delight make for great wedding photographs).  The magician can mingle when people are enjoying a few drinks and are great for livening things up between courses during the meal.

Music - the food of love

A wedding band or disco in the evening is probably essential but why not add a touch of class with a string quartet, solo guitarist, harpist or cocktail pianist earlier in the day?  This wedding entertainment will set just the right mood without being so loud it interferes with conversation.

OMG, is that…?

Whether it’s a Daniel Craig or Kim Kardashian lookalike, faux-celebrities create an instant buzz and a lot of laughs. They’re also great for livening up everyone’s selfies and make for great wedding video clips.   

It’s playtime!

Providing a range of traditional indoor and outdoor games is a simple and inexpensive way to make sure there’s never a dull moment during your wedding celebrations.  The kids probably won’t get a look in as the adults enjoy skittles, croquet, twister, frisbee, ping pong, jumbo jenga or giant board games like chess, draughts and scrabble. 

Ocean’s 11

A pop-up casino, complete with a croupier and ton of chips, is sure to release a few inner Brad Pitts, George Clooneys and Julia Roberts.  Roulette, blackjack, poker…everyone is a winner because it’s such a fun way to get people mixing, talking and laughing throughout your wedding celebrations. 

Streets ahead

Want a fun way to feed your guests in the evening and be totally on-trend at the same time?  A street food truck will certainly do the trick.  Thai to Mexican, pizza to kebabs, the list is endless – but probably best for summer wedding entertainment.

Festival vibe

Why stop at street food?  Buskers, acrobats and performers will help you create that genuine festival feeling.  Take your pick from stilt walkers, living statues, comedy jugglers, fire eaters, hula hoop dancers, contortionists and escapologists – they’re sure to add a dramatic touch to the festivities of your wedding day.

Let’s get psychic

Hiring a fortune teller is another great way to add extra interest and get conversations going.  Whether they are reading palms or tarot cards their predictions are guaranteed to keep people talking!

Go with a bang

Fireworks never fail to create a magical wedding party atmosphere – whether you just hand a bucket of sparklers around at the end of the night or go for a full-on professional display it’s a spectacular way to light everyone’s eyes up.

Foodie fun

Chocolate fountain, donut wall, dessert table, milkshake and cookie stand, churro tray, popcorn buckets, nacho bar, ice cream stand….there’s no end of food station ideas that will keep your guests coming back for more. The ultimate entertainment. 

Have a great time!

Hopefully there’s more than enough wedding entertainment ideas here to get you thinking.  Just make sure that you choose ones that are appropriate for the theme of your wedding reception, that will work within the practicalities of your wedding venue and which will prove most popular with the type of guests you’re inviting.    

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