Bachelorette Party Games - Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk


  • A HILARIOUS GIRLS PARTY GAME ⭐️ - Designed by women for women, Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk is the ice breaker that every group of girls needs. Laugh, Act, Dance, Fake, Truth, Dares... this game has it all, and then some. Just make sure there are no cameras around because it's about to go down!


  • FUN QUESTIONS & STRICTLY OVER 21s ⭐️ - With 6 categories of question, there's something there for everyone. Learn about your squad's most embarrassing moments, their funniest mishaps, their biggest regrets and epic fails! With all questions centred around drinking.... it's a great way to get the party started and to enable everyone to bond quickly as a squad.


  • IT'S GETTING MESSY ⭐️ - You heard it here first. Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk takes no prisoners. It's ashamedly crude, awkward, funny, hilarious! Learn things you never knew about each other, bond, laugh and live.... You'll be a hell of a lot closer to all of your girls after playing this drinking game.


  • TAKING CENTER STAGE ⭐️ - The first person to answer correctly chooses someone to drink. QUICK FIRE - Name something within the category written on the card. OMG THIS IS TOTALLY YOU - The person who receives the card has to drink! OH NO SHE DIDN'T - If you've done it, take a sip. DRINK OR DARE - Do the dare, or drink. GET OUT OF JAIL - Save them by your side and use them when you need them most.


  • IDEAL FOR ⭐️ - Bachelorette parties, sorority parties and initiations, girls night in, birthday parties, reunions, meet ups and more.


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Images courtesy of Rohan Traman
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