How It Started...

I started my journey into wedding planning the totally wrong way around. Most wedding professionals love planning their own wedding day so much they miss the whole experience when it all comes to an end.

I started planning weddings 5 years before I got married. I landed a dream job as a destination wedding planner, helping brides from the UK and overseas get married in the most magical venues. I listened, learned, researched and added some magical touches to make my brides create once in a lifetime experiences.

After seven wonderful years and one child later, I continue to want to help brides plan their day. That's why when I was helping brides plan their weddings I struggled finding a single resource that contained everything that I wanted to share with my clients. I found that most of the planners looked beautiful but really lacked the content and conviction with up to date information.

In 2016 after getting married I started writing my first wedding planner, and by 2018 it was complete. The Complete Wedding Planner is now available in five languages in over 15 countries worldwide. We have won multiple best seller awards and are helping tens of thousands of brides plan their perfect day.

I still have the love for weddings and I'm lucky as I still get to help friends (and family) organise their dream days