How to handle wedding day nerves

How to handle wedding day nerves

It’s almost certainly the biggest event in your whole life – so you naturally want everything to be perfect.  That level of expectation creates great excitement, but also a degree of anxiety.  In this post we give you some helpful tips on how to keep your worries at bay all the way through your big day.

Anticipate your anxiety

Nerves are less scary when you are prepared for them.  The day is supposed to be emotional and you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t feel a bit nervous!  Having said that, if some part of the proceedings is causing you particular stress look at ways of minimizing the worry.  For instance, if you hate public speaking…don’t give a bride’s speech.

Plan, plan, plan

If you really plan every part of your big day, in detail, this will help you keep your butterflies flying in formation!   When you know exactly what is supposed to happen when, who is responsible for what, that nothing is left to chance, it’s much easier to relax and enjoy the moment.  Winging it is sure to increase your level of worry!  

No hurry, no worry

Allow plenty of contingency time in your wedding day timeline - you don't want to feel rushed if things run over!  Leave ample time for your hair and makeup preparations.  Aim to be ready an hour before your ceremony begins. Schedule in extra time if doing a first look with your mum, dad or other half, handing out bridal party gifts or simply to have a glass of bubbly before you go!  If you're travelling to your ceremony allow for any traffic issues along the way.

Don’t leave anything until the last minute

Confirm all arrangements and timings with your vendors and bridal party a few days before.   If you're making anything, arranging flowers or getting involved with decor, have everything well organised in advance.  If you want to check the venue or set up, do it first thing.  If paying vendors in cash put it in envelopes ready to be handed over to a trusted bridal party member to dispense at the appropriate time.

Take time out with your partner

The last few weeks before your wedding are so full on that you and your other half are sure to be super busy.  Set aside a few hours just before the big day to spend together as a couple.  When you focus on the person you love, and remember what’s really important, it helps put any worries in perspective.

Early to bed the night before

With your close family and friends gathered around you might be tempted to party on the eve of your wedding.  Don’t!  If you are short of sleep next morning this will make it harder to chill out.

Have a proper breakfast

Many couples are so excited that they skip breakfast.  This is a mistake – it gives you the nutrients and energy to sustain you through an emotionally and physically demanding few hours.   A bowl of fresh fruit, natural yogurt and granola, with a calming herbal tea, will set you up nicely for the day. Try to avoid greasy and stodgy foods which can make you feel a little queasy and bloated.

Outsource the organisation

On the day, no matter how well you’ve planned everything, there will be a string of people asking questions – not just guests but everyone from the caterers to the photographer, the band or DJ to the cake provider.  Hiring a professional wedding planner or day-of co-ordinator to field these queries and direct proceedings means you can offload a whole ton of worries.  If you don’t want to pay for a professional maybe there’s someone calm, capable and well organised who can take on this role?   Delegate this responsibility and take the pressure off!

Take a deep breath

Whenever you sense that your stress levels are rising make a conscious effort to breathe more deeply and slowly.  When you take a deep breath it increases the supply of oxygen to your brain.  This sends a message to your nervous system which triggers a feeling of calmness - your brain relaxes, instead of feeling stressed, anxious, and nervous.

A glass to calm your nerves

It’s not a bad idea to have a glass of bubbly with your bridal party just before the ceremony and celebrations begin.  It’ll help put you in the mood and get you relaxed.  Just stick to one though – too relaxed is not good!

Don’t get drawn into drama

Wedding day drama is fun in the movies but less so when it happens just before, or during, your personal big day.  Let other people get bent out of shape but don’t get involved yourself.  So, two of your bridesmaids have a falling out, your mother-in-law keeps making unhelpful suggestions, or the best man’s speech ruffles a few feathers…rise above it and just focus on having a great time with all the people who could care less!

Best de-stress advice ever

As we pointed out at the start of the article proper planning is probably the best way to push the anxieties to the back of your mind.  When you know you’ve got everything sorted, down to the very last detail, what’s there to worry about?  Not a lot!  That’s why so many brides-to-be invest in one of our Perfect Day wedding planners and organisers.  Crammed with smart advice, helpful pointers, invaluable tips, 18 month countdown calendar and super-handy checklists it’s an invaluable aid to your peace of mind. 

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