Tips for planning the perfect honeymoon

Tips for planning the perfect honeymoon

Your honeymoon is not just another vacation.  On the one hand it’s a welcome break for some relaxation and recreation after all that hectic wedding planning and the excitement of the big day itself.  On the other it’s the start of your married life together, so you want it to be truly, madly, deeply romantic, memorable and meaningful.  Plus there are so many different honeymoon options to consider – where do you even start?!  In this post we give you some useful pointers to help you create a honeymoon that’s perfect for the two of you.

Don’t leave your planning until the last minute

This is a great excuse for dream building so don’t rush it – anticipation is half the pleasure!  Also, the best locations are popular, so they get booked way in advance.  What’s more the prices and deals tend to be better if you book early.

Agree a budget

No point in setting your heart on a honeymoon destination, packed with great activities and treats, only to discover it’s way beyond your means – so agree a figure up front.  Also be aware that there are likely to be some unexpected costs – you might have to pay for some covid tests, car parking at the airport can be pretty expensive and insurance doesn’t come cheap.  With that in mind try to book somewhere that leaves you spare spending money for unpleasant surprises or extra indulgences.  Opting for an all-inclusive package or resort can help your money go further—and give you peace of mind when you’re on the trip (no fretting about the bar bill you are running up!).

Meet each other halfway

Sit down with your other half (over a bottle of wine!) and ask them what their dream honeymoon looks like – it could be quite different from what you have in mind!  Write a list of ways you’d like to spend your time and places you fancy then compare with your partner.  Compromise is essential.  Don’t book a dive holiday in the Maldives if they love visiting galleries and museums.  And don’t let them talk you into hiking trails in New Mexico if your heart is set on relaxing by the pool in Cancun.

Multi-destinations are allowed

If you have very different ideas of how you’d like to spend your honeymoon consider a pair of destinations or an area that offers you something for both of you.  For instance, Venice is amazing for sightseeing, culture, art and dining yet Lake Como is relatively nearby for luxurious chilling out.  Patagonia, Chile and Argentina offer some of the most spectacular landscapes and outdoor adventures on the planet along with seriously chilled accommodation and excellent food and wine.

Length of stay

A few days, a week, two weeks…even longer?!  This, combined with your budget, will probably help define your options – heading off to New Zealand if you are short of time, or money (or both!) is probably not realistic. 

Time of year

Your choice of destination will partly be determined by the seasons – you don’t want to visit a part of the world in a month when it’s their rainy season, or uncomfortably hot, or freezing cold.  You may also want to avoid absolute peak season for that country as your budget won’t go as far. 

For example, if you fancy a Mediterranean vacation early and late summer are probably better than high summer – the temperatures will not be excessive, there will be fewer crowds and rates will be more reasonable.  The Caribbean is least crowded from October to mid-December while the dry season runs from December to March (the weather is pretty idyllic year round but summer is their rainy season with the risk of hurricanes and tropical storms greater as autumn approaches).  South East Asia is best avoided June to October as it’s the wet monsoon season.  The weather in this region is at its driest and warmest November to February.  There’s not room here to cover every season and every part of the world so do your research!

Don’t plan to do too much

The temptation is to cram as many activities and sights into your precious honeymoon as possible.  Resist it!  Schedule plenty of downtime so you have ample opportunities to enjoy each other’s company.   Maybe have one day with two or three things planned then keep the next free. 

Don’t be shy about getting professional help

Planning a honeymoon can be a lot of fun – but sometimes it can all get a bit too much!  Enlisting the help of an expert travel planner or travel agent can work much better than trying to do it all yourself.  For one thing you have a few other things to plan (like your wedding!) and they’ll save you a lot of precious time.  Secondly, the choice of destinations and options is overwhelming – they can help you focus on those that will work best for you and design a trip that’s totally tailored to your unique tastes and interests.  Next up, they can lead you to destinations, hotels and unique experiences that you’d never stumble across online (while pointing out things that are not made clear online, like the resort is partly closed for renovation!).  On top of that they have personal connections and can pull strings to get you better deals, upgrades and free extras.  Plus their experience and knowledge de-stresses the whole process – they can sort all those small but vital details that make all the difference (like Covid paperwork, booking airport transfers and organising restaurant bookings or tours).  Finally, if the unexpected happens you’ll have someone to call on for help and support.

Last word

Planning a honeymoon is fun, exciting and….stressful - there’s a certain amount of pressure to get it right!   Follow these tips and you’ll find the process a lot easier and more pleasurable! 

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