8 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

Even if you won’t admit it, the dress IS the most important part of your big day. You want to look amazing, feel incredible and wow your future husband as you walk down the aisle. But with so many dress styles, colours and fits to choose from, sometimes the thought of choosing the perfect wedding dress can be somewhat overwhelming. To give you a helping hand, we have spoken with a number of brides who know exactly how you’re feeling and put together a list of tips for finding the dress of your dreams.


  1. Give yourself enough time

Start looking sooner rather than later, and it’s never too early to start trying on dresses as it will give you an idea as to what suits you and the kind of style that you like. It can easily take up to 6 months to find the perfect dress, so start looking as soon as possible!


  1. Take someone with you

Whether it’s your mum or your best friend, take someone with you who you trust to give their honest opinion. A good shopping partner will help to pick out dresses for you, as well as providing constructive criticism. That way, when you find ‘the one’ you will know for sure!


  1. Heading to the bridal shops

Make sure you wear appropriate underwear and take along a pair of heels in similar height to those you will wear on the day. Check with the boutique beforehand as to whether you are allowed to bring a camera, and try and wear as little make-up as possible. And NO fake-tan!!


  1. Choose a silhouette that suits your body type

Ballgown – Fitted bodice, flairs at the waist with a full skirt. A ballgown will suit most body types, but skip this option if you are petite as the skirt can be overwhelming on a small frame.

A-Line – Fitted bodice which then flows out to the ground from the waist. A popular silhouette because it is very flattering and suits nearly all body types.

Fit-and-flare – Very fitted through the body and a flare from either the thigh or the knee. Also known as ‘mermaid’ or ‘trumpet’ silhouettes, they are perfect for those with small waists who want to accentuate their curves.

Tea length – The perfect take on a formal gown but without the fuss of a floor length skirt, the tea length dress is a classy silhouette and suits most body types. Some even choose to have a full length dress during the day, and change into a tea length for the evening party!


  1. Don’t forget the top of your wedding dress

The top of your dress is what people will see the most and what will show up in the majority of your pictures. Whether you choose strapless, v-neck, sweetheart, bateau or halterneck, choose one that complements both your figure and dress style.


  1. Try on as many wedding dresses as you can

Dresses that look gorgeous on the hanger won’t necessary look good on, and vice versa. “Once a dress is on a woman’s body it takes on a different look and shape. Resist snap judgement; go to as many bridal boutiques as you can and don’t feel pressured to make a decision straight away.”


  1. Don’t pick a dress just because it is trendy now

A gown should be timeless with both modern and traditional elements. The dress should stand the test of time, so that when you’re flipping through your wedding album in 40 years, your dress still takes centre stage!


  1. Have fun!

Choosing the perfect wedding dress should be fun! Have a laugh, enjoy trying on each and every dress, laugh at the ones that don’t suit you and make the most of being treated like a princess for the day!

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