Bachelorette theme inspiration – let’s get the party started!

Bachelorette theme inspiration – let’s get the party started!

The first rule of a brilliant bachelorette party is to have a theme.  Second rule is to pick one that’s totally in keeping with the bride’s taste, personality and interests.  Third rule is there are no other rules – the theme can be as wild or as chilled, as conventional or as off the wall as she likes!  Here are some fun and inspirational ideas to get you started.  

Classic Celebrations 

It’s in the stars 

So, the bride takes her horoscope seriously, has studied her partner’s sun, moon and rising sign and thinks astrology explains everything going on in her life?  That calls for a celestial themed celebration with everyone dressed according to their place in the zodiac.  You could even arrange for a tarot card reading or get an astrologer to map out everyone’s birth chart. 


Think beach or backyard with floral headbands, macrame dream catchers, ribbons and feathers, floaty dresses, lots of balloons, straw bales and natural wood, candles and cushions, pampas grass, plus an eclectic mix of colours and textures.   So chic, so pretty and so retro.  

Preppy Party 

Perfect for girls who love clubbing (nor the nightclub, doh!).  Time to dig out your tennis, polo or golf outfits.  Tartan and seersucker are in!  Sweaters, blazers and penny loafers are an absolute must.  Who’s for another Tom Collins or Old Fashioned?   

Let’s do Pop Culture  

Harry Potter – it’ll be magic! 

If the bride-to-be is an absolute Potterhead then throwing a wizard party is a piece of cake – there’s no shortage of decorations, potions, games, T-shirts, wands and other swag items to choose from.   

Feyonce – get it? 

The perfect excuse for everyone to releaser their inner divas, knock back cocktails to “Drunk In Love” and act the Queen Bey with flower crowns and glitzy swag.    

Clueless Bachelorette anyone? 

Can you think of a better bachelorette party theme?  Ugh! As if!  From cute ruched dresses to gym-class uniforms and yellow plaid suits to spaghetti-strap slips the dressing up options are endless - and who doesn’t love the opportunity to act selfish, vain and superficial? 

Pick your Rom-Com 

Does your bride-to-be have a favourite Rom-Com?  Whether it’s “When Harry Met Sally” or “Annie Hall”, “10 Things I Hate About You” or “Sleepless in Seattle”, look no further – your party theme is sorted. 

Friends reunited 

She found her lobster, and now it's time to party.  Creating your very own Central Perk is easy – there are so many Friends themed decorations and props readily available.  And a “who said it?” game is an absolute must. 


Girls friends Bachelorette party

Disney Princess 

Celebrate your friend’s fairy tale romance with an equally magical Disney-themed party.  Whether it’s Bibbidi Bobbidi crew tanks and a Princess Bride sash for the star or Drunkest of Them All wine glasses and Minnie Mouse party ears, making it magic is easy.  Enjoy your favorite Disney movies, pampering each other with spa treatments and princess themed trivia games. 

Ready, Steady, Jetset 

Beach and pool 

Whether it’s a weekend of sun and margaritas in Acapulco, a poolside party in Palm Springs, or a mini-cruise, invite the bride tribe aboard for a “Let’s Get Nauti” themed bachelorette.  Make the most of the bride’s Last Sail before the Veil with matching swimsuits, beach balls, sailor outfits plus plenty of yo ho ho and a bottle of rum at the wet bar. 

Bride squad pool party bachelorette

Roll the dice 

Head to Las Vegas or just create a casino at home – either way it’s an excuse to get in your glam rags, drink more than a few cocktails and gamble the night away.  Everyone can really let their hair down - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.   

Let’s go clubbing 

Could be a pool party at a day club, a drag show, a comedy night, bottle service at a swanky nightclub or something else entirely, but a fun-loving bride will surely say "I do" to this bachelorette theme.  

Cocktail crazy 

Take the team to a bar or hire a mixologist for a cocktail-concocting workshop.  It won’t be long before everyone is bonding brilliantly and you are sure to have some instagrammable shots of everything from a slippery nipple to a naughty girl scout and a sex on the beach to a Big Banana Dick-iri.    

Let’s have some foodie fun 

Traditional Afternoon Tea  

Whether you host this at home or make reservations at a posh tearoom it’s the perfect excuse to put on your best airs and graces and tuck into scones with clotted cream and jam, cucumber sandwiches (no crusts, pleeeease!), Victoria sponge cake, petit fours and a selection of different teas (served in fine china, of course).  You could even include a lesson in etiquette from an expert mistress of manners.   

Nuts for Donuts 

If your bride loves “sugar and spice and all things nice” why not load up on the Krispy Kremes and Dunkin' Donuts and order some “Donut you know she’s getting married” T-shirts?   Make a donut wall, decorate with donut balloons, create a milkshake bar or even take everyone on a donut making workshop.   

Why not a wine tasting? 

Who doesn’t like wine?  So, you could visit a local vineyard (or a few, in a limo!).  If there aren’t any nearby then you’ll just have to make a weekend of it in the Napa Valley or Texas Hill Country.  Or invite a local wine merchant to arrange a tasting in your home.  Nobody should drink on an empty stomach so it’s the perfect excuse for enjoying a selection of cheeses and charcuterie.  

Choose a cuisine 

Find out the bride-to-be’s favourite kind of cookery and then organise the whole bachelorette event around that.  Whether it’s Italian, Thai, Mexican or Japanese there’s no shortage of ideas for dishes, drinks and party fun.  You could even hire a private chef or organise someone to come and do a cookery workshop. 

Calling all Party Animals   


If the bride is hooked on detective novels, crime movies or CSI then a murder mystery-themed bachelorette party is sure to play well.  Or, for those that like solving mysteries, experiential group games are all the rage – anyone for a bit of Escape Room action? (think Escape the Room and more). 

Breakfast at Tiffany's  

Everyone comes in their favorite little black dress (optional for the bride) and a pair of bug-eyed sunglasses, then dives into a feast of croissants and coffee followed by frequent trips to the mimosa bar.  Watching the movie is not obligatory but you could have it playing in the background. 

Great Gatsby 

As the man himself said “I like large parties. They’re so intimate” – and he knew a thing or two about throwing them.  Time to get your flapper dresses on, with lots of glitter and sequins, feathers and pearls, fans and cigarette holders.   

Flannel & Frost 

If you’re holding the bachelorette somewhere cold and wintry invite everyone to come dressed in their best flannel pyjamas to enjoy snuggling up in front of a roaring log fire with their favourite comfort foods and warming drinks – BBQ pork sliders, apple cider cupcakes, mulled wine, hot chocolate…  

Enjoy the Experience   

Ski trip Bachelorette party

New you 

The bride-to-be is into yoga, relaxation, mindfulness?  Think spa days, wellness retreats, rejuvenating therapies, a group meditation or even a weekend of craft classes – complete with nourishing smoothies and wholesome meals.   

The great outdoors 

If she’s a country girl at heart, or the adventurous type, then you know what to do.  Glamping in a yurt or holing up in a cozy cabin, with some hiking, kayaking, cycling, sailing and swimming to pass the time – followed by a cookout under the stars.  

Adrenalin adventure 

If everyone is up for it you could get hearts pumping with a skydiving or bungee jumping excursion.  Or if that’s a bit extreme you could at least organise a weekend around skiing, horse riding or hot air ballooning. 

Nostalgia Rocks 

Summer of Love 

If your bride-to-be is a hippy at heart then a flower power inspired celebration is sure to create just the right chilled out vibe.  Everyone should be sure to wear a flower in their hair, along with floaty dresses or cut-off jeans, sandals, tie dyed scarves and Grateful Dead T-shirts. 


Bring back the ‘80s 

Those were the days of disco, so crunchies, bike shorts and crop tops were in, along with fluorescent neon colours and loads of denim.  Time to get in touch with your inner Olivia Newton-John, Witney Houston and Debbie Harry. 

The Noughties 

Remember denim miniskirts, whale tails, hip-huggers, boot-cut jeans, tank-tops, ripped jeans, hoodies, cargo pants, white belts, cropped jackets, capris, infantile dresses, boho-chic, and Crocs?  Time to make like Britney, Paris and Sarah Jessica. 

That’s just for starters 

There’s actually no end of possible themes for your bachelorette party – but hopefully this list will give you some entertaining food for thought! 

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