Everything you need to know about the Best Man duties

Everything you need to know about the Best Man duties

It’s an honour to be invited to become Best Man at a wedding – but the role also has some important responsibilities attached to it.  In this post we explain the principal Best Man duties so that you can play your part to perfection.

Wedding wingman

You are the groom's deputy, someone he can delegate organisational tasks to and who he can turn to for advice. The good news is that most of the planning and preparation will be sorted by the bride and maid of honour. That still leaves you with quite a few tasks – several of them very important. Being the life and soul of the party, and drinking more than everyone else, is not your No1 priority – it’s more important to be organised and reliable!

Good communicator required

The best man needs to make sure that everyone within the groom’s party is fully informed of what’s happening and well briefed on their roles.  It’s a smart move to set up a Facebook or WhatsApp group so everyone is kept in the loop.  For instance, you need to make sure your groomsmen are present at any rehearsals.

All present and correct

It’s the best man’s responsibility to make sure all groomsmen are properly turned out.  You need to organise any suit fittings that are required, as well as making sure everyone is clear on finances arrangements before any purchasing or hiring takes place.

Gifts for groomsmen

Being a groomsman is fun, but also involves a time commitment, so it’s appropriate to thank them with more than a pat on the back. It’s customary to give them a token of appreciation that also serves as a memento - popular gifts include hip flasks, pocket watches or cufflinks and these can be personally engraved with an appropriate message. The Best Man is expected to choose and source these gifts.

The stag party

Anyone who has watched “The Hangover” or “Sideways” movies knows that a bachelor event needs careful planning and management - this is definitely where the best man really shows what he’s made of. The venue, theme and itinerary have to be to everyone’s liking, there’s transport and accommodation to arrange, someone (you!) needs to keep track of collecting monies and making payments (especially when the drinks start flowing) and there are a few games, pranks and “entertainment” sessions to prepare. The best man also owes it to the bride to make sure the groom survives the experience all in one piece (without shaved head, eyebrows removed or any other body parts missing).

On the day 

The bride and groom are otherwise occupied so the Best Man, along with the maid of honour, is responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly and according to plan. You should be at your most cool, calm and collected, so hitting the alcohol early in the day is not recommended! You may be required to pick up last minute items or help organise things at the venue. You need to make sure the wedding license is brought to the ceremony and that the groom arrives at least twenty minutes before the bride makes her entrance. Oh, and there’s the ring to look after too – misplacing that is not going to win you any brownie points!

When the ceremony comes to a close the Best Man traditionally guides the maid of honour back up the aisle whilst following the bride and groom. Your next task is to greet guests as they arrive at the reception. During the meal you introduce each of the speeches and then deliver your own. 

Gift guardian

When you are hitting the bar and dancefloor don’t forget you’re responsible for looking after any gifts or envelopes. You may also have to take charge of decorating the car so it’s properly prepared when the “Just Married” head off. 

We hope you find this Best Man checklist helpful and that the experience is one you remember for all the right reasons!



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