Bachelorette Party Inspiration – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Bachelorette Party Inspiration – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

All bachelorette parties include lots of fun, games and laughter! To get things going, however, you really need an exciting destination and/or an out-of-the-ordinary activity.  The idea is not just to get drunk (fun as that is!) but to have a big adventure, one that’s highly Instagram-able and which will furnish everyone with stories and memories for years to come.  Want a few ideas?  Here we go!

Last sail before the veil

Instead of cruising crowded bars why not charter a yacht and cast yourselves adrift for a day, a night or a whole weekend of partying in perfect privacy (what happens on board stays on board!).   Sunbathing, swimming, sundowners…a jolly sailor or two for crew.  What’s not to like?

Arty party

Get everyone’s creative juices flowing with a pottery class or a painting workshop.  It’s a great way to make sure everybody comes out of themselves and reveal their true personality, feelings and talents (or lack of!).  After a glass or two of wine you’ll be amazed at how some people you thought you knew suddenly choose to express themselves!  If this sounds a bit tame you could always book everyone on a life drawing class – guaranteed to get the giggles going.

Pamper party

Your bachelorette party weekend does not have to be a margarita marathon or a spritzer steeplechase.  If you want something a bit more chilled and relaxed after a few months of full-on wedding planning then a spa break or wellness retreat will be most welcome.  That’s not to say you have to stay off the cocktails entirely – just that you have a few smoothies in between (along with massages, yoga sessions and realigning of your chakra!).  A few days of quality R&R is a great way to unwind and bond with your besties.

Go wild

If the bride loves the great outdoors then there’s no shortage of options.  How about glamping under the stars?  Why not hire a cabin way out in the wilderness?  Pull your boots on and hike some trails?   Mountain biking, jet skiing, archery lesson, horseback riding, paintballing, axe throwing(!)…the possibilities are endless.  A variation on this idea is Summer Camp for Adults – a number of companies arrange weekends where everyone becomes a kid again but the counsellors organise booze and grown-up fun.

Feel the fear

If the bride is an adrenaline-junkie or just likes a good adventure you could organise some activities that’ll get everyone’s pulse rate up and turn their knuckles white – white water rafting, bungee jumping, riding a zip wire, sky diving.  Just make sure everyone else is up for it though - it’s less fun if only a few of you want to participate and the rest are made to feel like party poopers.

Drink up

You are going to be drinking anyway so why not make that the focus from the get go?  You could book a wine tasting tour and visit a string of vineyards.  Another possibility is a trip to a distillery.  A third option is just to sign everyone up for a cocktail mixing workshop.  These are especially good fun as it’s very hands on, super interactive, and sure get everyone losing their inhibitions!

Foodie fun

A cookery class with an expert chef is a great activity for a bachelorette party.  Whether it’s learning to make pasta or prepare sushi, discovering the secrets of Thai cuisine or mastering the art of creating traditional French macarons, everyone will have great fun learning new skills and comparing each other’s efforts.  Even those that look less than perfect will still taste delicious!  Another (lazier!) option is just to hire a talented chef to cater a gourmet dinner for you all.   

Don’t forget the games

Whatever type of destination or activity you decide on a session of party games is obligatory.  This could include Prosecco Pong, Jenga, Bachelorette Roulette, Adult Pictionary or a drinking card game.  They are all guaranteed to get the party going because they are hilarious fun to watch and play, not least because every point lost or won involves somebody downing a drink.  

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas for a bachelorette party that really rocks.  But whether you decide to go for a gourmet experience or hit the trail, chill out at a spa or release the artist within, make sure you take friends who can make these amazing memories with you! 







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