Wedding Trends 2022

Wedding Trends 2022

What will be the biggest wedding trends of 2022?

Want your big day to be totally à la mode?  Of course you do!  Our research  suggests the following trends will be in vogue over the coming months – so read on if you want your nuptials to be totally now and wow!

Unaccustomed as I am…

In the male dominated past the bride didn’t get to make a speech – she just had to smile sweetly through everyone else’s!  This year, however, we’re led to believe about one in five brides plan to speak out.  What’s more, at some smaller weddings we’ve noticed that a number of guests have been invited to say a few words.  This idea is starting to catch on – but if you decide to adopt it make sure you limit each guest speaker to just a couple of minutes or you’ll never get around to the dancing!

Make a vow to sustainability

Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the need to use resources more responsibly.  This is having an effect in all areas of our lives – including weddings.  There has been a huge upsurge in the whole concept of sustainable ceremonies and celebrations.  Brides are buying pre-loved gowns and outfits like never before, as well as renting everything from dresses to décor and accessories.  So, if you want your wedding to be the epitome of eco-friendly chic make every effort to recycle, upcycle and celebrate responsibly! 

Dresses – expect the unexpected

The traditional wedding dress is long, white and one piece.  Over the last couple of years brides have been pushing back against these conventions.  Hemlines are creeping up and expect to see an increased number of short gowns this year.  Pure white is also becoming slightly passé – don’t be surprised to see pale pinks, light blues and gentle lilacs.  Some are also predicting a wave of ruffles, layers and frills.  Two-piece wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular too.  Elegant and contemporary, bridal separates can be easily transformed throughout the day – add an overskirt for the ceremony then change to trousers to dance the night away at the reception. The fact that separates can be re-worn on other occasions is also a major plus for brides who take sustainability seriously.

More fun, more games

Couples are becoming a lot more adventurous with regard to wedding entertainment.  A DJ or regular wedding band just doesn’t cut it any more.  Think drag acts, flame throwers, petting zoo, limbo competition, beer/prosecco pong, virtuality games, vodka luge, tarot reading, piñatas, axe throwing and bouncy castles for grown-ups.  The more way-out the better!

Your big day(s)

The Covid crisis played havoc with best laid wedding plans and part of the fallout from this is the emergence of the sequel wedding.  The what?!  A sequel wedding is one where you have a small ceremony followed at a later date by a much bigger party.  The small ceremony is now referred to as a minimony.  If the minimony is immediately followed by a small celebration that day, with less than 20 guests, then this is called a micro-wedding.  Elopements are also becoming more common – this is where the couple tie the knot in a faraway location with just a couple of witnesses.

Couples who have a minimony, micro-wedding or choose to elope usually throw a much bigger party at a later date.  Many newlyweds organise that full-scale celebration to coincide with their first wedding anniversary – this is known as an anni-ception.  The number of searches on Google for “sequel wedding” in 2021 jumped by 9,900% so this trend is certainly gaining some traction!

Although this trend was a reaction to the pandemic we don’t see it receding any time soon.  A sequel wedding, giving you so much more flexibility and extra opportunities to celebrate, has a lot to recommend it!

Bridgeton brides

The popularity of hit Netflix drama Bridgerton is set to continue in 2022 with the launch of the second series – so expect it to exert a strong influence on wedding fashion and style.  All things Regency will be much in evidence – look out for splashes of Regency Blue, empire-waist wedding dresses and ruffles of lace and puff sleeves, elegant gloves, dainty ballet pumps, an abundance of trailing wisteria, handwritten notes and literary quotes, traditional afternoon teas enjoyed with vintage China, horse drawn carriages, morning suits, embroidered veils and accessories. 

Sobriety rocks

Weddings and alcohol traditionally go together like strawberries and cream…but in today’s more wellness-conscious environment the sober curious movement is starting to have an impact.  Many couples are making more of an effort to cater for guests who are limiting their intake of alcoholic beverages.  Bespoke menus of mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks are likely to become the norm rather than the exception. 

Go your own way…

These are just some of the major trends that you should be aware of when planning your nuptials in 2022.  You don’t have to follow them, of course – but there’s no harm in knowing which way things are going in the world of weddings as you create your own unique event. 

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