Wedding planning tips for newly engaged couples

Wedding planning tips for newly engaged couples

The question was popped and the answer was yes, yes, YES!  This is one of the most magical moments imaginable so enjoy it for all it’s worth – any thoughts about the practicalities can wait.  However, once your feet touch the ground again the planning discussions start.  In this post we share some tips on how to manage that transition so the shine doesn’t come off your excitement!

Keep it a secret for a little longer

The temptation, in the first wave of emotion, is to tell everyone….immediately.  You could do that.  Or you could just take a deep breath and follow our advice above – enjoy the moment for as long as you can.  The moment you break the news to one person the pressure will be on to tell the next.  And you’ll find the questions coming thick and fast, When is the wedding?  We suggest keeping it a secret, something precious only the two of you are in on, for a couple of days.  This gives you a chance to talk through the kind of wedding you’d like before everyone else starts piling in with ideas!

Be smart about how you break the news

It’s important that you tell your nearest and dearest first – otherwise somebody is sure to get upset.  Both sets of parents should be the priority, followed by close family and best friends.  Make every effort to share your news with them face to face or give them a call.  Emailing or messaging them is a last resort – but if they are not local to you this is a better option than hearing it from someone else or seeing a social media post.  So, hold off Facebook and the rest until you’ve communicated directly with all those who have a right to expect a more personal announcement.

Get a manicure

Everyone will want to see the ring so make sure your hands look their best.  If you don’t want to have them professionally manicured give them some TLC yourself - at the very least make sure your nails are neat and clean.  You don’t want people focusing on your chipped polish or ragged cuticles rather than admiring your gorgeous engagement ring!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Before you start sharing your big news with the whole world make sure you have a gallery of photos lined up.  You’ll need some shots of you and your ring, plus a few of you and your fiancé.  If someone caught the actual proposal on camera (stills or video), and your look of surprise, then get ready to post that too.

Fix a date

Everyone is bound to ask when you plan to actually tie the knot – so you’d better give it some thought.  We suggest you discuss possible dates with your close relatives before making any kind of decision.  They’ll appreciate being consulted and it will avoid putting any of them in an awkward position with regard to their other commitments.

Time to party

Celebrations are obligatory (plural!).  You probably want to round up close family and friends as soon as possible for a few drinks.  This is a great opportunity for your future in-laws to meet and get to know each other better, to catch-up with loved ones and to show off your ring!

Then, a few weeks further down the road, you’ll almost certainly want to organise something on a larger scale.  In the past formal engagement parties were traditionally hosted by the bride’s parents.  In today’s more relaxed environment most couples prefer to host their own celebration.  This can take any form you’d like.  It’s your party so you could just put on a simple barbecue in your own backyard or organise a glitzy evening of dinner and dancing in a country club, hire your favourite restaurant or invite everyone for a classic afternoon tea.  It’s a good idea to organise everything around a theme – think Great Gatsby or mixology class/cocktail tasting, a murder mystery or pyjama party, casino night or rent a rooftop bar/boat/nightclub (whatever!)

Insure the ring

We’ve all heard nightmare stories about engagement rings that get lost…so make sure you add it to your home contents policy or take out special cover.  That way, if the worst happens, you can always replace it (and have story that’s not too painful to tell!).

Looking ahead

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking – but it needn’t be overwhelming.  Break it all down into different tasks, plot them on a timeline, then focus on them one by one (hint: buy one of our wedding planning books and this becomes super easy!).  We recommend you start by getting some kind of budget in mind, along with the size and style of celebration you want.  Next priority is probably the venue.  Don’t be in too much of a hurry to finalise the fine detail at this stage.  Deciding on the flavouring for your cake or the colour palette of your table decorations, what type of bachelorette party you’d like or what wine to serve at the breakfast – all these decisions can wait.

So much to look forward to

You have just started to embark on an exciting journey - and we’re delighted for you.  Follow the tips we’ve shared and the coming days, weeks and months are sure to be amazing, romantic and unforgettable!   


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