Final week wedding countdown – easy does it!

Final week wedding countdown – easy does it!

You’ve been planning your big day for months but all of a sudden you are into the last few weeks, then the final days.  Hopefully you’ve got all the major aspects of the service and celebration completely sorted.  So does that mean you can now just kick back and chill out?  Not exactly – the last seven day are going to be full on busy with last minute tasks.  This timeline should help you keep everything on track.

7-4 days

  • Tie up any guest list loose ends. Chase up anyone who hasn’t sent an RSVP yet to finalise numbers.  Pass the list to your venue and put the finishing touches to the table plan.  Also send a copy of the list and plan to your wedding planner, photographer and designated bridesmaid.
  • Do a full dress rehearsal in terms of your look. Take delivery of your dress and then try on your whole outfit, including shoes and jewellery, to make sure it all comes together in the way you want. Get the groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and little attendants do the same.  Once you and they are sure everything is in order pack all the essentials away safely.  If you are renting your groomsmen's suits, nominate the best man or one of the groomsmen to pick them up and drop them off on the return date.
  • Get your engagement ring cleaned by a professional jeweller so it’s extra sparkly on the day.
  • Break in your wedding shoes. Wear them for a short spell each day around the house.  Walk on a few different surfaces to get a feel for how they cope.  If the soles are slippery lightly buff or scuff them for extra grip.
  • Confirm your hair and beauty appointments and run through the morning-of schedule with your artists. Make sure your husband-to-be has a haircut.  Finalise the details of your wedding-day timeline and share them with your bridal party, parents, wedding car company and your wedding planner or venue coordinator. 
  • Check in with your suppliers so they have the timings, locations and other details they need. Be sure to include how to contact your planner, coordinator or key person in your wedding party on the day in case there’s an issue - you won’t have time to deal with it!
  • Finalise the shot list with your photographer and videographer. Inform the venue when each supplier will be setting up and provide contact details. Give the band or DJ your song list. 
  • Make sure everything is in order for your honeymoon. Do any last-minute shopping and finish packing, not forgetting passports, travel documents and currency.  Double-check flight details, confirm your hotel bookings and any other activity or dinner reservations.
  • Set aside time with your partner to practice your vows and speeches to make sure you are both happy with the wording and well prepared.
  • Review the finances. Get final payments ready for vendors and check contracts for payment deadlines – you don’t want the embarrassment and stress of any misunderstandings.

2-3 days

  • Time for your final beauty and pampering rituals – get your spray tan, manicure, pedicure, massage, waxing and any other treatments or therapies you fancy.
  • If there have been any late cancelations or confirmations amend the guest list and let the venue, caters and wedding planner know. Prepare the place cards and seating plan signage.
  • Pack all the décor items you need for the ceremony and reception in separate boxes ready for transportation and set up - table numbers, place cards, favours, menus. Remember to include the guest book, cake knife, toasting glasses, and any other items you'll need.  Get the boxes to the venue at least a day before everything needs setting up.
  • Prepare a wedding-day emergency kit - sewing essentials and selection of pins, glue for false eyelashes, bandages/sticking plasters, a hairbrush, clear nail polish, nail file, hairspray, scent, wet wipes, painkillers, tampons, deodorant, extra makeup….whatever!
  • Wrap all gifts for groom, mum, dad, bridesmaids or groomsmen and write note or card.

1 to 2 days

  • Pack your wedding overnight bag and take it to wherever you have booked.
  • Put cash tips into separate envelopes for each wedding supplier then organise for a trusted member of your wedding party to distribute at the appropriate time.
  • Go through the rehearsals for your ceremony and dinner.
  • Prepare a morning after plan. Organise one or more members of your wedding party to retrieve your guest book, cake knife, decorations and other items.  Even if you are not heading off on honeymoon directly this chore will be a bit of an anti-climax so best to find a willing volunteer!
  • Do a final check with your bridal party to make sure that they are fully prepared and good to go – from suits to dresses, shoes to accessories, shirts to socks and cufflinks to jewellery.

Last few hours

If you do everything we’ve listed on this countdown then you can relax – you’ve got pretty much everything covered!  Take time for long soak in a hot bath, a glass of wine, maybe a massage and then an early night - do whatever will help you unwind so you are fresh and rested for your big day tomorrow!

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