Mother of the Bride make up ideas

Mother of the Bride make up ideas

The bride and groom are very much in the spotlight all the way through the wedding day.  However, it’s a very proud moment for the mother of the bride and she will have played a large part in the preparations – so it’s inevitable that all eyes will be on her too.  She’ll want to look her best (and the same goes for the mother of the groom).  But without going OTT.   The challenge is to achieve a look that’s elegant and glamorous, but sophisticated and understated – she doesn’t want to upstage the happy couple themselves.  In this post we share some make up ideas to help the mother of the bride strike just the right balance.

Make up and hair – should she hire a professional?

When it comes to hair and make up for the mother of the bride there’s no hard and fast rule – it comes down to personal preference.  If you feel more comfortable doing it all yourself then that’s great.  But getting it done professionally makes a lovely treat and  has certain advantages as well.   Professional make up will tend to last longer and look more polished in photographs.  That’s because those who do this for a living are more skilled, plus they'll also use professional-grade products that are more resilient.

Who pays if hair and make up are done professionally?

It’s not obligatory for the bride to include this in her budget – but it’s a nice gesture if you can afford it.  If the cost of hair and make up is too much of a stretch then maybe agree a split – you pay for make up and your mother covers the cost of her hair.  Just be sure to get an idea of costs before you make any promises!

A make up bag is a must

It’s going to be a long day so it’s essential to come equipped for touching up the look at regular intervals.  The mother of the bride should carry a lipstick and lip gloss in her purse and a powder foundation for blotting any unwanted shine and fixing any smudges. A few tears are sure to be shed so tissues are a must, along with under eye concealer and powder.  Also include blush as this is usually the make up product that fades the quickest.  Setting powder or a small setting spray is also very useful for quick touch ups throughout the day and night. 

Inspirational ideas to bear in mind

  • Mauve lips help to create a classic mother of the bride look. Start by drawing a thin hint of eyeliner across your lashes and gently flick up to lift and open up your eyes. Then, swipe on a mauve-coloured lipstick – this gives a fresh, dewy look.   We suggest that you use a lipliner to ensure the colour stays put.
  • Blush never goes amiss on a big occasion - and with good reason. It creates a rosy glow to the complexion and gives off a fresh, dewy effect. Simply apply a cream blush over your cheeks or blend it up along your cheekbone to achieve a lifted look.
  • A light-coloured eyeshadow, such as light blue, light pink or light purple, can really brighten up your gaze and add extra glamour.  This works especially well when you pair it with a neutral lip colour to balance it out.
  • Want a healthy summery glow without taking a two week cruise or resorting to spray tan? Brush a bronzer along your forehead and cheeks.  Swipe it below your cheekbones for a subtle contouring effect.
  • Smoky eyes are a make-up classic that never go out of style. The look is created by applying dark eyeshadow on the eyelids and dark eyeliner smudged along the upper and lower lash lines.  The danger is that the effect is too dramatic so use neutral tones such as brown or grey to avoid it all getting too dark. Add a berry lip to the look for a pop of colour.
  • Let your natural beauty shine out on the big day. Start by applying a medium-coverage foundation, followed by concealer and a touch of blush and bronzer for a fresh, minimal glow.  For a final flourish apply a layer of your favourite lip gloss and you are all set!
  • Define your eyebrows – it’s a great way to accentuate your eyes without using heavy make up. Simply fill in your brows to help frame your eyes, and then use eyeliner and mascara as a finishing touch.
  • Matte red lipstick is great if you want to go bold on the big day. If this look helps you feel more confident take care the effect is not too overpowering – tone it down by pairing it with a fresh complexion and neutral eyes.
  • If you want to sport bold lips, but shy away from bright red, a nude hue could be the answer. It's just as dramatic and will go with any outfit. Balance out the look with appropriate eyeshadow, eyeliner and extra coats of mascara.
  • Lipstick is not obligatory for your daughter’s wedding day – If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it just use lip gloss instead. This will make your lips look hydrated and soft, as well as having a plumping effect.  Make sure you keep the gloss in your purse so you can reapply it as required throughout the day.
  • Want to make your eyes sparkle? Just sweep a shimmery eyeshadow across your lids to brighten them up. To achieve an even brighter effect just pop some of your highlighter in the inner corner.

Hopefully this list will give you some great ideas to experiment with before the big day itself.   The mother of the bride is not short of options.  You can go full-on glam with bright lipstick and dark eye make up or opt for a more subtle and sophisticated vibe with a more natural look.  There’s no right or wrong way to go – you are free to choose whatever feels best!

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