How to create your own personalised wedding website

How to create your own personalised wedding website


Creating a website for your wedding isn’t obligatory – but it’s surprisingly simple to set up.  It also saves you having to answer countless questions and is a great way to share the love, get everyone involved and make your celebrations even more magical and memorable.


Web skills not required

You don’t have to be a geek to make a personalised wedding website.  Companies like Wix and Squarespace make is easy for the most digitally challenged to put together a wedding website that looks totally professional and utterly gorgeous.  There’s also a number of dedicated wedding website building programs that are cheap and easy to use – check out Riley & Grey, WeddingWire, Appycouple and Joy.


All the need-to-know stuff in one place

Your personalised wedding website is super useful as an information hub where everyone can get the answers to their questions.  Essential stuff like:

  • Directions to the ceremony and the reception
  • A schedule so everyone knows what’s happening when
  • Your gift registry details and a list of items you’d like
  • Dress code suggestions - super formal, smart casual, boho, rustic?
  • Foodie stuff, including menu choices and how people should place their orders
  • Whether it’s a cash bar or not
  • Accommodation information, suggestions and whether you have made a block reservation
  • Transport questions – parking, taxis, shuttle bus?
  • Miscellaneous stuff – kids and plus-ones allowed, can I post my photos on social media, hashtags to use…

We suggest you create a separate FAQ page so all these answers are easily accessible.


Love Story – share it here

Your wedding website isn’t just for the practical stuff. It’s also where you share the story of how you met, what you love about each other, your hopes for the future…it’s a space where you can gush to your heart’s content!


Include an RSVP feature

Traditional wedding invites and RSVPs on paper involve a lot of work and expense – it’s much easier to send the invites and manage the replies digitally. Both Wix and Squarespace have readymade RSVP pages you can use.  Or you can find RSVP management tools online that you can include in your website or run alongside it – check out RSVPify, AnRSVP and Free RSVP.


Add a Directions page

You don’t want to be answering your phone or replying to texts just before you walk down the aisle.  Nor do you want people arriving late, flustered and annoyed because they got lost (and had a row!).  A dedicated directions page that includes maps and any other helpful stuff will benefit everyone.


Registry button

You don’t want to come across as too pushy but guests do like a bit of help with what to buy.  Putting a button on each page of your wedding website that takes people to your registry solves the problem – it’s discreet but efficient.  Or you could have a page with a list of suggested gifts and details of your registry service.


Include a photo gallery

It’s a great idea to have a section where you post photos that tell your story, possibly with a timeline.  Selfies just after you said “yes!”, engagement party, hen party and stag party shots (heavily edited?!), photos of the venue, even photos from your childhood.  After the big day it’s a space for sharing the best memories.


Get creative

You can add all sorts of nifty features when you build your own wedding website.  What about a weather widget so guests have updates for your venue location?  Or create a page that’s password protected for the bridal party so you can post private information only they can see.  Another cool idea is a song request form so guests can bop to their favourites.  

We hope these tips on building your own personalised wedding website prove useful.  It’s really not that difficult and will help make your big day even more manageable and magical!

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